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Our team

Cynthia J. Hood, President

John J. Mauro, Executive Vice President

Scott McWilliams, System Engineer

David Zuchowski, Software Engineer

Teuanchay (Ko) Sisoukraj, Hardware Engineer

Bob G. Hood, Inventory and Quality Control

Our history

Hood Company opened its doors on March 15, 1985 across from Grand Central Terminal in New York City.  Our first project was a custom Reversible Lane System with electronic fiber optic message signs and control hardware on the Manhattan Bridge. This unique system allowed the city to control the flow of traffic from Brooklyn to NYC and back during high volume hours. We did not have cell phones at that time or lap top computers. During those exciting pioneer years for technology we provided information on changeable message signs to motorists on highways,  bridges, at airports and in tunnels all across the United States and Canada. For the first time transportation engineers could change speed limits at their discretion based upon traffic conditions, control direction of traffic depending on volume needs in a certain direction, and have signs with flexible messages that could be changed as needed. From that point on technology grew at lightning speed and so did  C. J. Hood Company. 

A look back at our accomplishments includes projects at the following locations: NEW YORK--Williamsburg Bridge, Queens Midtown Tunnel, George Washington Bridge, Tappan Zee Bridge

MARYLAND--Camden Yards, Fort  McHenry Tunnel, Harbor Tunnel, William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge

TEXAS--DART Paratransit, I-45 Gulf Freeway, I-20 DFW, I-35 and US 90 Austin

MICHIGAN--Detroit People Mover, 

VANCOUVER, B.C.--George Massey Tunnel

LOUISIANA--Port of New Orleans, Greater New Orleans Expressway

VIRGINIA--Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel, Reagan Washington National Airport

MASSACHUSETTS--Callahan-Sumner Tunnels

NEW JERSEY--Palisades Interstate Parkway, Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, George Washington Bridge

PENNSYLVANIA--Walt Whitman Bridge

NEW JERSEY/DELAWARE--Delaware Memorial Bridge

NEVADA--McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

And at Airports in Dallas, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Raleigh-Durham,  and Syracuse to name a few.

Our mission

Our mission of providing travelers' information for safety and security is the same today--only the technology has changed. We installed and maintain the Integrated Vehicle Tracking and Announcement System at DFW International Airport for the Terminal Link and Rental Car Center Shuttle Buses. Hood has been a partner on this project for 16 years. Customers boarding these buses are guided with outside and inside electronic message signs, automatic stop announcements and Video Monitors that display the stops, arrivals and destinations as well as interesting information on the DFW metroplex.  We are a loyal vendor and partner with the DFW Airport community, awarded #1 Best Large Airport in North America for Customer Service this year.


Just as we reinvented our products during the 80s and 90s technology boom to keep travelers informed with cutting edge equipment, we are doing the same today in 2017.

Hood Company's newest product is  MOSYS, (Mass Outreach System). MOSYS is an Emergency Mass Notification system for airports, train stations, concert halls, convention centers and other areas where large amounts of people gather.

This year we integrated with Everbridge at DFW International Airport's Rental Car Center and added high intensity full-color LED dynamic message signs able to be launched by the Everbridge communications process within its platform of instant emergency notification.